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thbe > rhel


This role configures and deploys base settings on an RHEL instance or RHEL clone.


Ansible Galaxy Role thbe.rhel


To unlock the full potential of this role, you need to be registered in the RHN and subscribed to at least a standard RHEL subscription.

Role Variables

  • role_directory - This variable contains the root path of the directories used by thbe roles (do not change!)
  • net_manage - Manage local network (default: false)
  • net_mtu - Set the MTU size (default: 1500)
  • net_connection_prefix - Prefix for network connection names (default: ‘System ‘)
  • net_interface - Name of the network interface (default: ‘eth0’)
  • net_hostname_primary - Primary host name (default: not defined)
  • net_hostname_secondary - Secondary hostname/ alias (default: not defined)
  • net_ip_primary - Primary IP address (default: not defined)
  • net_ip_secondary - Secondary IP address (default: not defined)
  • net_route_1 - Additional route 1 (default: not defined)
  • net_route_2 - Additional route 2 (default: not defined)
  • net_gw - Standard gateway (default: not defined)
  • net_packages: - List of packages required for NetworkManager
  • cockpit_packages - List of packages required for Cockpit
  • rhn_organization_id - RHN organization ID (default: ‘unset’)
  • rhn_activation_key - RHN activation key (default: ‘unset’)
  • rhn_pool_id - RHN pool ID (default: ‘unset’)
  • rhel_release_version - Locked RHEL release version (default: ‘latest’)
  • rhel_kernel_version - Locked RHEL kernel version (default: ‘latest’)
  • rhel_repos_8 - List of standard RHEL 8 repositories
  • rhel_repos_9 - List of standard RHEL 9 repositories
  • rhel_packages_common - List of standard RHEL packages
  • rhel_packages_8 - List of standard packages for RHEL 8 only
  • rhel_packages_rhn - List of standard packages for RHN only


This role depends on:

  • thbe.common

Example Playbook

This role can be included in the site.yml like this:

# Site playbook
- name: Ansible playbooks for all nodes
  hosts: all
    - ansible.posix
    - community.general
  gather_facts: true
    - name: Role Common (DevOps preparation)
        name: thbe.common
    - name: Role RHEL
        name: thbe.rhel



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