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Sat, 11 Jan. 2014     Thomas Bendler     ~ 1 min to read

In the first part of this article series, I would like to explain the general concept of the open source data center. The data center should be easy to deploy in small scale but able to transform to large scale without much effort and most importantly, without major design changes.

To achieve this, the concept will focus on standard hardware components. This will increase the flexibility when it comes to upgrades and lowers the overall costs because these components are way cheaper compared to specialized components.

This approach results in the first design decision to build the data center based on clustered components. With this approach, it is possible to combine low or mid-range performance components to a high-performance cluster.

The data center will be split into a storage cluster part, a virtual host cluster part and a management control system for automation.

The next part of this article series will discuss the hardware that will be used for an initial setup.

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