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Sun, 22 Jan. 2023     Thomas Bendler     ~ 1 min to read

Whilst I started my DevOps journey using Puppet primarily, I switched to Ansible sometime back in 2019. I didn’t make the move because Ansible was significantly better than Puppet, it was more the opposite, Ansible had less functionality than Puppet. But, Puppet is a fully-fledged automation solution with its own server infrastructure. Exactly this had become a problem for me, after changing my job I didn’t have access to proper infrastructure anymore operating my own Puppet server. And let’s be frank, it was as well a bit oversized for my three-server data centre at home.

So, long story short, I looked for a lightweight automation solution and Ansible become my new first choice. The tool is still powerful enough to serve most of my standard requirements, it runs on my local laptop and only requires working SSH on the target systems.

Meanwhile, I mastered Ansible pretty well and released my first roles in the thbe namespace on the Ansible Galaxy. In this section I’ll share Ansible findings as well as a status page for my Ansible roles.


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