Is this a private website?

Yes, this a fully private website without any commercial interests. This site reflects my personal and only my personal opinion. The primary content of this website is about IT topics and motorbikes.

Does this website contain commercials?

No, this website is commercial-free. I don’t get any money to run this site, in the end, the opposite is the case, I pay for it.

Why are you spending your spare time with content creation?

I would like to cite Linus Torvalds who answered the question of why he programmed Linux: “Just for fun!”. My motivation is quite the same, I like the open-source idea, I like to create the content and I like to play with technical topics I write about.

Why are some links greyed out

Every time I change or add something to my website, a deployment pipeline kicks off and check my changes from a functional and technical view. One of the checks is the validation of the links. When a link is outdated and no other proper replacement link is available, the links are greyed out. The alternative would have been to delete the respective article but I prefer to let the article stand as it is with the broken link greyed out.

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