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Thu, 21 Sep. 2023     Thomas Bendler     ~ 2 min to read

Back in the nineties of the last century, electronic music had become quite popular. And like with everything that becomes popular, a culture around electronic music has arisen. One part was radio stations playing electronic mixes as a kind of warm-up for the upcoming weekend and the respective club visits. Famous representatives of this type of radio show were for example BFBS with the Steve Mason Experience or Radio Fritz in Berlin with changing DJ artists. Another one was Evosonic Radio where as well changing DJ artists played mixes.

All of them had in common that whenever they played their electronic shows, I was in front of the radio recording the shows on tapes and got into a good mood for the weekend. “THBE’s Electronic Radio” should honour this time and is meant as well as a warm-up for the weekend. Due to my limited time, the “Progressive House Experience” will only be released bi-weekly for the time being and the focus will be on the music, but maybe over time, I will develop the format to a more comprehensive show. Let’s see, time will tell but for now, please enjoy the show and don’t forget to like, subscribe and whatever else shows some love.

The Progressive House Experience - Episode 24x01

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