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Sun, 25 Dec. 2022     Thomas Bendler     ~ 1 min to read

thbe > common


This role creates a common directory structure that is used by all other roles from “thbe” Ansible Galaxy namespace.


Ansible Galaxy Role thbe.common


This role does not have any requirements.

Role Variables

  • role_directory - This variable contains the root path of the directories used by thbe roles (do not change!)
  • meta_information - Create a metafile with implementation-specific details (default: false)
  • meta_responsible - Responsible person or group for the used role-set (default: ‘unset’)
  • meta_version - Version of Ansible code used for deployment (default: ‘unset’)
  • meta_date - Date when Ansible code was released (default: ‘unset’)
  • meta_origin - URL of git repository hosting the Ansible source code (default: ‘’)


This role does not have any dependencies but is a dependency for other roles from “thbe” Ansible Galaxy namespace.

Example Playbook

This role can be included in the site.yml like this:

# Site playbook
- name: Ansible playbooks for all nodes
  hosts: all
  gather_facts: true
    - name: Role Common (DevOps preparation)
        name: thbe.common



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