Wicked tunes

Tue, 9 Oct. 2007     Thomas Bendler     ~ 1 min to read

This weekend I was in the lounge of the East Hotel in Hamburg having some beers. Suddenly a wicked tune hits my ears and I thought to myself: “This is a must-have!”. So I asked the DJ what he was playing, it was:

  • Samin - Heater

Check this one out (maybe on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, whatever), it’s from my point of view the best track out of summer 2007.

During my project in Eindhoven I also discovered a nice radio station called XFM. On this station I heard two nice tracks I didn’t hear in Germany yet (this might have to do with the fact that there are currently no proper electronic radio stations in north Germany):

  • Sander van Doorn - Back by any demand
  • Ida Corr - Let me think about it

Let’s see what comes up next but so far, nice to see that electronic music still evolves.

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