Synchronize Firefox plugins

Wed, 2 Apr. 2008     Thomas Bendler     ~ 2 min to read

Seconds after my post Synchronize Ubuntu packages was published, I was asked how to synchronize the firefox plugins. Ok, here is a quite easy solution to get it done. First you need to install to extensions, FEBE and CLEO. FEBE is used to backup your extensions as installable .xpi files, CLEO creates one single .xpi file out of that backup that you can install with the Firefox you want to synchronize. First, after the installation, you have defined the backup destination folder in FEBE as well as the schedule for the backup. Second you have to define the destination folder for CLEO. I’ve used the following folders:


After the first backup, you will find a bunch of .xpi files in your FEBE backup directory. You can already use them to install the .xpi files into your Firefox you want to synchronize. Even easier is to compact all of this .xpi file to single .xpi file with CLEO. Simply go to “Tools –> FEBE –> CLEO –> Create cleopack”. That’s it, now you have one single .xpi file that you can roll out to all your Firefox installations.

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