Fri, 10 Aug. 2007     Thomas Bendler     ~ 2 min to read

My experience with Ubuntu comes nowadays to a point where I think I can write a quick review of what happened so far. As explained in my first post about this topic, the installation was done without problems. After the initial configuration, I moved forward to install some more or less professional applications.

The first try was the Eclipse development platform. After enabling the universal repository, I installed a new JAVA version (something 1.6.x) and the installation of Eclipse was not a problem anymore. Not that I currently use eclipse, but it was nice to see that it work.

The second application was the client suite from SAP, the JAVA SAP GUI, and the JAVA SAP DownloadManager. Both applications need an older JAVA version compared to the installed JAVA version. So I took a 1.4.2 JAVA installation from a Fedora Core installation and put it into /opt/sap/j2re1.4.2. Now I installed the GUI into /opt/sap/gui and the DownloadManager into /opt/sap/dl_manager. To start the SAP logon I used the following script:

#! /bin/sh
# Start the JAVA SAP GUI on my Unix workstation

### Set environment ###


### Start gui logon using platin.ini under ${HOME}/.sap ###
${PLATIN_PATH}/guilogon -i ${HOME}/.SAPGUI/platin.ini

The DownloadManager starts without special scripts, the binary directory already includes a script which should run on nearly every Unix platform.


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