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Mon, 30 Sep. 2019     Thomas Bendler     ~ 1 min to read


This article describes the installation and usage of Podman. Podman is a Docker replacement primarily driven by RedHat. It shares pretty much shares the syntax and behavior with docker. If you for example alias the docker command to podman (alias docker=podman), the end-user can use Podman in the same way they would use Docker. Podman comes without a daemon. This allows us to use Podman as a normal user with no root authorizations required. It’s fair to say that Podman is some kind of userland Docker with feature-rich developer extensions.


The installation of Podman is pretty much straight forward, simply install it through the package manager and we can use Podman straight away:

> dnf -y install podman

First steps

After logging out and log in again as “bofh”, you can now use Docker as a normal operator:

> podman run hello-world

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